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PCI+ I/O Board and System Controller (IB_SSC)

Netra 1290

501-7601 501-7325 541-1020
I/O Board
FAB 270-6812
System Controller
FAB 270-6631
IB_SSC Assembly/FRU

PCI Riser Assembly 541-1511, L
with PCI+ Riser 501-7542, L

Pre-RoHS I/O Board Cable Conections
(under Media Bay cover)

Netra 1290 Codename: Everglades

Mechanical Notes

  1. The maximum PCI Card length is approximately 197 mm.
  2. The I/O Board and System Controller slot is labeled IB6_SSC1.
  3. The I/O Board and System Controller includes a toothed rack and the chassis includes clutched pinions in the front of slot IB6_SSC1.
  4. Refer to the file of any Firmware patch for information on firmware verification and compatibility.

Assembly Notes

  1. Assembly 541-1020 includes Top Cover/Door 540-6823, I/O Board 501-7601, System Controller 501-7325, PCI Riser 501-7542, Dual Serial Cable 530-3574, Ethernet Cable 530-3700, Thermal Fuse Cable 530-3577, and two 540-6818 Fans.


  1. Netra 1290 Server Documentation.

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