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Sun Fire Link cPCI I/O Board

Sun Fire 6800 / E6900

Option 4141

501-5629 501-6094 540-4764
0MB Assembly
w/o Optical Module
20MB FRU Assembly
w/o Optical Module
20MB Assembly
w Optical Module

4-Slot cPCI Riser 501-5972

Sun Fire 3800-6800 Codename: Serengeti
Sun Fire E6900 Codename: Amazon 6


  1. The minimum operating system is Solaris 8 2/02.
  2. I/O Board slots are labeled IB6 to IB9.
  3. The I/O Board includes an I/O Board, cPCI Riser, and Cardcage.
  4. Chassis labels include the abbreviated name and number.
  5. The left to right system installation sequence is IB6, IB8, IB7, and IB9.
  6. Install Filler Board 540-4446 in all empty cPCI board slots.
  7. Install Filler Panel 330-2822 when servicing a cPCI I/O board slot.
  8. Refer to the file of any Firmware patch for information on firmware verification and compatibility.


  1. cPCI I/O Installation Guide, 806-2950.
  2. Powering On and Off Guide, 806-2956.

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