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Front I/O Assembly

Disk Arrays: StorageTek 5320 NAS
Servers: Sun Fire X4200, X4200 M2, T2000
SPARC Enterprise T2000

501-6916 501-6917
LED/Switch Board
FAB 270-6916-01 or -02
Fan Board
501-6978 501-7256
Front I/O Board
FAB 270-6978
Front I/O Board
FAB 270-7256
X4200 M2

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X4200 M2

Sun Fire X4200 Codename: Galaxy 2U
Sun Fire X4200 M2 Codename: Galaxy 2F
Sun Fire T2000 Codename: Ontario
StorageTek 5320 NAS Codename: Falcon


  1. Sun Fire X4100 Server Documentation.
  2. Sun Fire T2000 Server Documentation.

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