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Lower Interface Board

Sun Fire V210

370-5129 371-0792


Sun Fire V210 Codename: Enchilada 1U


  1. The Disk Drive Amber Fault LED is not routed to the front of the chassis.
  2. 371-0792 was added as a manufacturing deviation for 370-5129 in the non
    RoHS compliant Sun Fire V210 in January 2006. (WO_32388)
    Boards are labeled 371-0792. The FRUID is 370-5129.
  3. IO Boards with FRUID 371-0792 require OBP4.18v5 and ALOM 1.5.4. Lower versions
    of OBP and ALOM will not recognize the 371-0792 if FRUID is 371-0792.


  1. Sun Fire V210 Server Documentation.
  2. Sun Fire V210 and V240 Servers Parts Replacement Manual, 817-0743.

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