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I/O Graphics Board with SOC+

E3000 / E4000 / E5000 / E6000
E3500 / E4500 / E5500 / E6500
Option 2622

I/O Type 5
83/90/100MHz Gigaplane

Backpanel and Connectors

Jumper Settings

J2500 1-2 Out Inv Adr 1
J0401 1-2 Out SOC+ Flash write disabled


  1. The minimum Ex000 operating system is 2.5.1.
  2. The minimum Ex000 OS is 2.5.1 HW: 11/97 if a GBIC is installed.
  3. The minimum Ex500 OS is 2.5.1 HW: 11/97 or 2.6 HW: 3/98.
  4. The Gigaplane runs at the speed of the slowest detected board.
  5. The following cable types are supported:
    50/125 Multimode Fiber up to 500 meters
    62.5/125 Multimode Fiber up to 500 meters
  6. Refer to the file of any Firmware patch for information on firmware verification and compatibility.

E4500, E5500, and E6500 SBus Notes

  1. Refer to Installation Guide 806-5239 to install Options 1098 and 1099.
  2. SBus Blank Filler Panel 540-4566 of June 2000 is Option 1099.
  3. SBus Card Thermal Baffle 330-3283 of May 2001 is Option 1098.
  4. SBus Blank Filler Panel installation guidelines were changed between manual revisions 806-5239-10 and 806-5239-11.

FlashPROM Notes

  1. Use the Flash PROM Programming Utility to update the FCode.
  2. Use the prom-copy command (src dst prom-copy) to copy a flash PROM.
    ok 2 b prom-copy (copies from board 2 to board 11)
  3. Use the update-proms command to synchronize the latest version of the flash PROM installed in the system to all boards of the same type.


  1. The Clock Board and I/O Board NVRAMs are automatically synchronized when the Clock Board NVRAM contents matches at least one I/O Board NVRAM.
  2. Use the following OBP command to manually synchronize a new or replacement I/O Board to an existing Clock Board:
    ok copy-clock-tod-to-io-boards
  3. Use the following OBP command to manually synchronize a new or replacement Clock Board to an existing I/O Board:
    ok (ioboard# in hex) copy-io-board-tod-to-clock-tod


  1. Enterprise 3500 System Reference Manual, 805-2630.
  2. Enterprise 4500/5500/6500 System Reference Manual, 805-2632.
  3. SBus and Graphics I/O Boards Installation, 805-2704.
  4. System Flash PROM Programming Guide, 802-5579.
  5. Filler Panel and Thermal Baffle Installation Guide, 806-5239.

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