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Redundant Transfer Switch

Servers: Sun Fire 6800, E6900
Cabinets: Sun Fire Cabinet

300-1396 300-1928 300-2032
47/63Hz   24A
47/63Hz   24A

See RoHS
Note below
47/63Hz   24A

Left Green On
AC present
AC not present or below specification
AC above specification
Middle Green On
Relay energized
Relay de-energized and RTS is installed
Relay de-energized and RTS is not installed
Right Amber On

Sun Fire 3800-6800 Codename: Serengeti
Sun Fire E6900 Codename: Amazon 6

RoHS Note

300-1928 contains a non-RoHS-compliant hex-chrome connector.
A hex-chrome waiver allowed the use of this part in RoHS configurations, but the waiver expired on 30 June 2007.
300-2032 is now required for RoHS configurations.


  1. The Redundant Transfer Unit abbreviation is RTU.
  2. The Redundant Transfer Switch abbreviation is RTS.
  3. The front and rear locations are abbreviated F and R.
  4. Chassis labels include the abbreviated name, location, and number.
  5. Two totally independent AC power sources are needed for input power redundancy. The power sources must be derived from independent power company utility feeds, and Sun recommends that each be backed up with an online UPS. The power sources are not independent if they are only distinguished by having separate circuit breakers.
  6. In configurations with two independent AC power sources, there will be four cables to connect, two on the front, and two on the rear of the system. Connect RTS 2 (front) and RTS 1 (rear) to one power source, and RTS 3 (front) and RTS 0 (rear) to the other power source:
  7. In configurations with only one AC power source, there will be two cables to connect, one on the front (on the left), and one on the rear of the system (on the left). These are the default RTS units, RTS 2 and RTS 0 respectively:
  8. Connecting the alternate RTS units to outlets that use the same power source as the default RTS units is not supported and will adversely affect reliability.


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