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Solution  1007050.1 :   Sun SPARC Enterprise(R) T5120/5220 Server Service Processor Root password reset [Video]  

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Having Forgotten The Sun SPARC Enterprise(R) T5120/5220 Service Processor's (SP) Root Account Password - How to Reset It to Its Default 'changeme'
Video - Password Reset on T5120 & T5220 (03:00)

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Having forgotten the password for the root account for SP's root account the user will not be able to log in to that account.

There is no way to recover the SP's root account password admin account or from Solaris[TM].

This section explains how to reset the ILOM root password for the Service Processor, running ILOM 2.0.
The Password Reset jumper referred to below is: PJ6801 for T5120 & T5220.

  • Power down the host system (using the front panel power button) or if an SP admin account exists, you can alternately use that accounts ALOM Command Line Interface  poweroff command. Unplug the system's power cord(s) Remove the system's top cover.
  • Implement all the usual anti-static-discharge methods, which for this procedure is:
  • Attach an antistatic wrist strap. When servicing or removing server components, attach an antistatic strap to your wrist and then to a metal area on the chassis Insert a Jumper (you provide the jumper) on Pins 1 & 2 of PJ6801. This Jumper is located at the T5x20 Motherboard (near the edge of the Motherboard at rear of the system - center of the rear edge of the Motherboard).
  • Plug in the system's power cord(s). Press the front panel Power button to power on the system. You must power on the system to complete the reset. This is because the state of the PJ6801 jumper cannot be determined without the host CPU running. The SP root password will be reset to the default  changeme.
  • Log in as root into the SP, using any available method - ssh or a Web Browser to the SP's network management port or via tip-hardware or a terminal server to the SP's serial management port. Password to use  is   changeme. That is simply to see if the   changeme  password works.
  • Power down the system using the front panel. Unplug the system's power cord(s). Again using the usual anti-static-discharge methods. Remove the PJ6801 jumper. You must remove the PJ6801 jumper after resetting the password, or the password will be reset every time the SP is reset (e.g. at power up).
  • Replace the system's top cover. Plug in the system's power cord(s). If the system administrator would like the SP's root account password changed to something other than  changeme, then you can change the root password using the usual SP's  root  account's Command Line User Interface command.

Whether or not the SP's root account password is to be changed to something different than  changeme  after the top cover has been reinstalled and the system's power cord(s) plugged-in, if the system administrator would like the Host powered-up, that can be done using the front panel power button or via a login to the SP's   root   or   admin  accounts  and the appropriate   START  or  power on, respectively, may be used.

Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 Server
Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 Server

T5120, T5220, SP, Service Processor, password, VT
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