SPARCstation 2

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System information

Codename Calvin
Launch 1990
Processor CY7C601 @ 40MHz, TI TMS390C602A FPU
Cache 64K write-through cache
RAM 64M physical on motherboard/128M total using 32 MB SBus memory card
Ethernet AUI which requires a transceiver (MAU) for 10Base5, 10Base2, 10baseT, etc
SCSI Two 50-pin SCSI-1
Serial Two RS-232C/RS-423 serial ports (DE-25); port A is used for the system console by default
Disk Up to two 3.5-in. full height SCSI HDDs
CD-ROM External SCSI CD-ROM with support for 512k block size
AC input AC100-120/200-240V, 47063Hz, 2/1A


Manuals & Docs

SPARCstation 2 Workstation

Floppy drive address switch

Configuration & Parts list